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Action Packed Slapstick

Experience the singleplayer action-boss-rush game with pixel-perfect retro aesthetics and inspiration from classic titles like 'Punch-Out!!', and recent indie hits like 'Cuphead'.

Starting off as a typical underdog story, you encounter, challenge, and befriend different characters all with their own unique personalities & backstories. Reading your opponent is key to getting the upper hand in the boxing ring!

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*This is a early development alpha build of the game, but it still kicks ass!


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will you drop the official game here? my steam doesnt work, its just black little screen when i open it up, i left it open for 5 hours and nothing happened, so i really want the game here

I really love the style of the game and the animation is so smooth! I would love a new spin on the punch out genre but  I enjoyed this game and can't wait to see what combat puzzles will there be in the full game!

I cant wait for the official game to come out.


I LOVE IT excited for the full release!

i loved the demo the full game is on my steam wishlist

I love this game so far - I can't wait to play the full release!

love the demo to death


when is more coming? this is one of my most anticipated games right now.


I missed games like this. It has a great story and all as far as I know. Bruh, the full game gonna be that shiii! Here's my gameplay video jusrt incase you wanna watch it


Great game, as a fan to the Punch Out games, I'm definitely  gonna wait with excitement for the full version. 


alright that was very good already keep up the good work


Thanks Julian, glad you enjoyed it so far!

when do i dodge or duck???


If he goes to one side winding up for a hook punch you can either duck or dodge to the other side. If he throws a forward jab straight to your face you must only dodge left or right.

That's what I figured. Hope it helps!

help how  do i play



when comes the next update?

if not soon i have many ideas for boxers .. I loved this game so much

We are working really hard on it, trying to re-work some stuff, but also add a few more boxers! I cant say an exact date for sure!


the game is just a black screen for me, can anyone help?

That's very unfortunate to hear! Are you playing on the 1.1.2A Version? If not try that one, and if you are and it still does not work, then join the Discord server and I'll try to help you out!

Soupmasters Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pqjKweg


H U G E.
PS: A coyote time for the dodge action would be S I C K .

thanks man, you the real awesome! and great idea !


Is the good


Very Noice

bravo! short and sweet demo!




Very Noice 馃憣


This demo was amazing, a really good show of what the finished game may look like. 

The comedy and animation was very expressive and had me laughing!

The gameplay was and very challenging in a good way, it was very rewarding to finally beat the boss!

I would certainly recommend this and look forward to playing the full version some day. 

Fantastic work so far!


this is hard, oldschool hard! keep it coming!


Review: This was freaking breathtaking! The short but sweet demo showcased clear signs of passion and attention to detail! The gameplay has such a retro feel but with designed with very contemporary design choices. The visuals gives you a hint of retro but doesn't spoil the artstyle by limiting colors or data space. The sound is the only part that isn't full retro, but guess what? THAT IS THE RIGHT CHOICE! I much dislike when retro games distort audio just to make it more "retro", and that is not the correct way to do it, the Big Boy way is the way to go!

The developers are obviously long time fans of Retro games as Punch-Out is a very hidden gem and hasn't been remade or inspired Indie games in the modern times. I would love to hear more about them and would love to invite them to a Developer talk! (DM me anytime)

TLDR; 10/10 (For now) The perfect game for Retrotime lovers, and for any contemporary indie game audience! Can't wait to see future progress!


Shorter review can be found here: https://twitter.com/RetrotimeAwards/status/1371902267637514242

Absolutely fabulous concept! I enjoyed the difficulty too! 

What a demo! Had so much fun, and the gameplay is really good! Maybe some of the visuals need a touch up but is still very very veery good for this stage! The gameplay and character are top-notch and I just want to see more!

I would happily pay a premium price for the final product!

I love it all the time! Great mix of old and new!

I had to create an itcho account solely for this game application! add mike tyson or some other boxing would be an awesome fit with coach hank! love what you guys are doing and i will be opening my wallet when the steam or switch launch comes!


Extremely well produced demo!! The big publishers will fight over this? 


This is a "Fine I'll do it myself" if I've ever seen one. Good luck with development


souper great demo! cant wait to taste more!!


You guys're doing what Nintendo isn't, and it looks insanely promising! Hopefully more people will find this gem.


thank you so much! this is just an itsy-bitsy taste test, even cooler stuff will be coming soon!


the gameplay has got immense potential! so simple yet challenging, but ultimately rewarding.


watch me get a sub 13 second hobo run

good luck!


this game is made for me! When is more coming out?


Best 10 minutes spent in my life! Can't wait for what to come next in me and my Coach's adventures! 10/10


What an amazing alpha. I've already fallen in love with this title.


Awesome demo.  My only real gripe is no rebinding for the controls. Can't wait to see more!

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